The key danger to losing your child’s Social Security card is that your child can be a victim of something known as child identity theft criminals can use your child’s Social Security number and a false birthday to create a “synthetic identity” which fools credits providers into thinking that your child is an entirely new person thus allowing criminals to steal your child’s identity and take out credit on your child’s name.?How long it takes to find out about this is too late which will leave your child with debt’s that he or she doesn’t know about.

Why Identity Theft of a Child Is Important

When an adult has, their identity stolen that can affect their credit rating and leave them difficult financial straits for years. Now imagine a child having a having bad credit rating before they can understand what credit rating is and generally they do not find out that they have been the victim of crime until they are old enough to apply for a driver’s license.Which they are slapped with hundreds of dollars of traffic fine’s finding out before they even reach working age that they have extremely bad credit rating. The criminal can use your child’s identity to take out loans, utilities, credit cards and bank accounts even apply for government benefits.

How Common Is This Problem?

A study done by Javelin Strategy And Research showed that more than 1 million children had their identity stolen in 2017 66% of which are 8 or younger. Many children across the united states are affected by this issue this insidious crime preys on young children and is used by malicious and heartless criminals who use a child’s identity for there own gain

What Can I Do To Prevent This?

-Do not share your child’s Social Security Number unless you 100% trust the person and you have a valid reason given to you.

-Destroy any documents that as your child’s information on before throwing them out.

-Keep documents that has your child’s personal information on it in a secure location.

-Do not lose any of your child’s social security card or other documents that have information.

What to do if you suspect your child has become a victim of identity theft?

There is an online form on TransUnion’s website which will tell you if there is a credit file associated with your child’s social security number. If there is no credit file then your child will be safe from identity theft if the file is available and that means that your child has been a victim of a crime you then need to file a police report you also need to contact all three major credit bureaus and ask for the child’s credit file to be frozen it is a lengthy process but it will leave your child with a clean credit line

As you can see your child’s security card and other documents need to be safeguarded at all times because you never know if your child will become a victim of identity theft and financial fraud.

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